Sustainable Value Networks
for a new era

Streamlined, personalized end-to-end digital
value relations for the B2B market.


Streamlined Digital B2B Commerce


Ready for the digital supply chain? Hyperfox’ e-commerce platform perfectly supports your customer and their customers. Tailored pricing, products and workflows on your customer portals to their needs.

Integrated with your ERP

Hyperfox’ e-commerce platform extends your existing ERP platform to connect with your B2B customers. Let our integrations do the heavy lifting! Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics, SAP,
Salesforce, Odoo, …

Personalized Customer Portal

Offer valuable digital services to your retailers that make you stand out from your competitors. Give you retailers access to relevant product and inventory data or offer them a white-labeled personalised storefront and client zone.

Sell digital, without the hassle

Hyperfox generates on average 25% more digital sales in the first year, whilst streamlining digital processes for your business.

Everything You Need to Run
Your B2B(2C) Business,


Hyperfox’ e-commerce platform is tailored to the needs of the B2B(2C) market.


We offer a private customer portal that your retailers can use to find their products, order them and return to for aftercare. All tailored to your B2B-needs, as it should be.

Individual Pricing

Every retailer has their own contract with a specific range of products and individual pricing. That way your clientele can order their desired products without any hassle.

White-label Storefront

You can offer your retailer a webshop with their branding using your products and inventory to sell to their professional customers or consumers. Everyone will feel right at home!


All your product, inventory and order data are easily available for your retailers and suppliers via our well documented API.

Connect All the Dots

All storefronts share one operational overview. You can see all orders or filter by storefront. Connect all the dots at the blink of an eye …


We easily integrate with your existing ERP platform, wether it is MS Dynamics, Salesforce, SAP, Odoo, …